About Us



Founded in 2020 by CEO Aaliyah.


Vaige has grown over the years as a one stop jewelry and accessories shop with the support from our customers and team. With our small team we are committed to sharing the best quality pieces and craftsmanship. This is why we handpick every item that comes in the shop to uphold our best quality and standards.

We hope our pieces bring you as much joy in expressing yourself and carrying past memories as they do in making new ones in their new homes.

At Vaige, we're dedicated to giving our customers outstanding service. With any questions or concerns you might have, we are always here to help. Our first priority is making sure you're satisfied.

We appreciate you choosing Vaige as your trusted online jewelry & accessories shop. We sincerely hope you discover something that elevates your style and speaks to your heart. 


A message from our CEO, Aaliyah.

“At the age of 16, in the year 2019, I planned on launching Vaige. The following year I started off by listing pieces from my personal closet online.

This led me to sourcing for more pieces with eye catching designs that spoke to me, and soon to be you!

Vaige has now evolved into a business where a small team sources and designs pieces that tie to our love of vintage and antique.

I'm glad I decided to take the leap when I did. I've gained a lot of knowledge about managing a business, made friends along the way, and received tons of support. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for each and every one of you; your support does not go unoticed. You are truly supporting our dreams and our team.”


We thank you for choosing us as your reliable one stop shop for your jewelry and accessories.